Semi & Non-Governmental Organization

NLA is known to be a reference for NGOs in Jordan. In 2018, the firm was awarded the contract with USAID – LENS to provide legal services for the purpose of registering and licensing Home Based Business (HBB’s) project, along with business registration of small and medium enterprises. Throughout the two years lifespan of the project, the firm has achieved the registration of 420 HBB’s licenses.

We also developed the expertise of 20 lawyers in different Governorates of Jordan in order to raise awareness and provide legal advice to clients seeking more understanding on HBB’s.

The Firm also was awarded USAID –LENS, the Home Based Business Licensing - Training Campaign which developed and conducted awareness campaigns to promote the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs Bylaw on Home Based Business (HBBs)

Having the main clientele international NGOs, the firm is known to be a reference for NGOs in Jordan.