Disputes - Litigation and Arbitration.

Naffa Law Firm (NLF) has a sufficient legal experience to identify the key issues in any legal dispute, as well as possible solutions. Our lawyers are well experienced to handle and follow up any lawsuit before the Courts of Law or arbitration.

NLF is subscribed into several legal data systems which keeps the lawyers of the firm updated with any changes, amendments to the laws, regulations, and instructions. We keep our clients informed of important developments as their cases move forward.

Our priority is to be updated with the Courts Decisions and precedents. We also make sure that our lawyers are equipped with legal information, and regularly updated with every new verdict specially the decisions of the Court of Cassation, which become a legal principles. Our team of attorneys identify legal risks by finding sources of legal risk, such as regulations and structural changes, and recognizing potential and actual risks.

On the other hand, we keep our clients updated with all amendments regarding the legal regulatory system in Jordan by providing monthly reports concerning any update or change or which would affect their operations in Jordan, directly or indirectly.

In many cases, we handled conflicts and disagreement which occurred between our clients and contractors and were able to successfully resolve it amicably without involving the Courts of Law. However, in some cases we had to take some legal actions before the Courts of Law in order to prove a situation or to compel the other party to perform its duties toward our clients.